โปรเทพ Photoshop


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การแยกสีเม็ดสกรีนด้วยโปรแกรม Photoshop


  1. การแปลง File ภาพจาก Mode RGB เป็น CMYK. เปิด File รูปภาพที่ต้องการทำ ที่ Menu Bar เลือก Image > Mode > CMYK color. …
  2. แยก Channels สี เป็น File ภาพ 4 File คือ สี C,M,Y,K. คลิก เมนู ของ Channels Palette. …
  3. แปลงภาพ สี C,M,Y,K Grayscale (ภาพขาวดำ)เป็น File ภาพ Bitmap (Halftone) เพื่อนำภาพไปทำบล็อกสกรีน สำหรับสกรีนเสื้อผ้า

โดยหลักการ คราวๆ โดยมีรายละเอียดขั้นตอน การสร้างเม็ดสกรีนสำหรับงานพิมพ์สกรีน (Screen Printing) ในระบบสี่สี ซึ่งก่อนอื่นต้องทำการแยกสีจากไฟล์ภาพสี 1 ภาพ ให้เป็นไฟล์ขาวดำ 4 ภาพสำหรับการทำฟิล์ม 4 สีเสียก่อน เนื่องจากการพิมพ์แยก สี่สี เป็นระบบ  CMYK เหมือนระบบการพิมพ์จากเครื่องพิมพ์ อิงค์เจ็ท เช่น

C = Cyan (ฟ้าอมเขียว)
M = Magenta (แดงอมม่วง)
Y = Yellow (เหลือง)
K = Key Black (ดำ)

เริ่มจากสร้างไฟล์ภาพ หรือ เปิดไฟล์ภาพที่ต้องการทำการแยกสีด้วยโปรแกรม PhotoShop ในกรณีตัวอย่างนี้เรามีมีไฟล์รูปภาพที่ทำการตกแต่งและปรับขนาดไว้พร้อมแล้ว

1. เปิดไฟล์รูปภาพที่ต้องการ

2. จากนั้นต้องทำการเปลี่ยนระบบสีให้เป็นระบบ CMYK ซึ่งเป็นระบบที่ใช้ในการพิมพ์สี่สีเสียก่อน โดยเลือกเมนู Image > Mode > CMYK Color

3. ถึงตอนนี้ให้คุณดูที่ Channels Palette (ถ้าไม่ปรากฏให้เลือกเมนู Windows > Channels) จะเห็นว่าระบบสีแบบ CMYK เป็นระบบสีที่มี 4 ชาแนลสีได้แก่ Cyan Magenta Yellow และ Black

4. ต่อไปทำการแยกชาแนลเหล่านี้ออกมาเป็นไฟล์ภาพ 4 ไฟล์ คลิกที่ปุ่มเมนูของพาเลท เลือกคำสั่ง Sprit Channels

ตอนนี้ PhotoShop จะสร้างไฟล์รูปภาพขึ้นมา 4 ไฟล์ เป็นภาพขาวดำในระบบ Grayscale สำหรับนำไปสร้างฟิล์ม 4 สี

บนระบบ Mac Os โปรแกรม PhotoShop จะตั้งชื่อไฟล์ตามชื่อเดิมแล้วตามด้วยชื่อสี ได้แก่ Cyan Magenta Yellow และ Black

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Face Swapping in Photoshop CS5

Are you friendly? www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com An in-depth Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorial showing you steps to swap two faces. More Photoshop Tutorials : www.tutorvid.com

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Yellow Submarine

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a?�a?�a?�a?�a?�a?�a?za??a?� Yellow Submarine

In the town where i was born,
There lived a man,
Who sailed the seas,
And he told us of his life,
In the land of Submarines,
So we sailed into the sun,
Till’ we found a sea of green,
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine,


We all live in a yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
We all live in a yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine.

And my friends are all aboard,
Many more of them live next door,
And the band begins to play,
( a band plays a short song )


We all live in a yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
We all live in a yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine,
A yellow submarine.

And we live a life of ease,
Everyone of us,
Has all we need,
Sky of blue (echo) Sky of blue
And sea of green (echo) Sea of green
In our yellow (echo) In our yellow
Submarine (echo) submarine!


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Sometimes that extra time

Even the freshest produce comes with a prep requirement. Sometimes that extra time is just too much at the end of a stressful day. Know the feeling? Frozen produce magically preps itself. I like it lean and cheap. Saute a medium white onion, and about 4 8 gloves of garlic until softened. Place the chilis, about a cup of the water in which they boiled, and the onion and garlic into the blender and puree the whole mess.

You can make one. Improvised firearms are legal under federal law, as long as the weapon does not violate any existing gun laws. You can even make silencers and sawed off homemade shotguns if wholesale jerseys online you get the proper tax stamps. In Madrid, the formerly sleazy, no go Chueca district, wholesale elite nfl jerseys Buy Order just north of the busy shopping street called Gran Via, is now trendy and appealing. It feels like today Madrid without the tourism. Eating here is especially fun, either at a table on the main Plaza de Chueca, at the San Anton market hall, or at one of the creative eateries nearby..

Wholesale magnets are also a good idea if you work with them for crafts. Perhaps you make jewelry or refrigerator magnets. If this is something that you do to sell at craft fairs, you can increase your profits by lowering your expenses. In April 1999, he pleaded guilty to bribing Philomena and Vitullo and, because of on demand cooperation spelled out in a plea agreement, has helped the government convict Philomena, three judges and other lawyers. Because of a family situation, Campbell received four years’ probation in October 2000 instead of prison, with the first 16 months on electronically monitored house arrest. Since the others he implicated also reached plea agreements, except for Vitullo and Saadey, cheap nfl jerseys today would be his first time on the witness stand.

As a member of The Beatles, he took part in one of the most covered songs of all time in and as a member of Wings, has one of the best selling singles in the United Kingdom with of Kintyre Arena originally opened up about 20 years ago and it is the home arena for the Tampa Bay Lightning from the NHL. It is also the home of the Tampa Bay Storm from the Arena Football League. Over the years, the Amalie Arena has been the site of many exciting events including the NHL All Star Game, Stanley Cup Finals, ArenaBowl championships, and several World Wrestling Entertainment events.

The residents of Jackson and Clay County support the zoo with a voter approved tax and receive the free zoo visits as a benefit of the tax.The program alters the scheduled free days at the zoo and provides more flexibility for residents to visit when it is more convenient. Every household in the two counties will receive three free visit opportunities in 2014.The “Postcard to Adventure” program allows a range of possible dates to visit and the tickets on the postcard will allow easy access and quick entry into the Zoo.Each address in the two counties will be randomly sorted into a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday visit. Each ticket is valid during one of three months: July, September and November.”When discussing the free opportunity options with the community, the to Adventure method was the most requested.
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Photoshop CS5 – Blue Color Effect (Photoshop CS5 Tutorials) NEW

For more updates visit- www.youtube.com Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS5 – blue Color Effect This tutorial shows you how to achieve a totally blue look for your photos and designs using photoshop cs5 or you can use any other version of photoshop like cs6, cs4 cs3 ets. Red is a very powerful and visible color. This is very useful for promotional work, posters etc. We’ll start with a good quality photograph. You can use any photo you like and even isolate any color you want.it doesn’t have to be red. you can choose any color green, yellow blue etc. Photoshop CS6 delivers even more imaging magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch with new Content-Aware features, and create superior designs as well as movies using new and re imagined tools and workflows. photoshop cs6 has many other useful features also like With Photoshop CS6 designers can now define text styles, both on a paragraph and character basis, in much the same way as in InDesign. Each style can store font, size, leading, justification, and other information about the text structure.The Lighting Effects filter has had a major overhaul and now shows a full-screen preview of the effect. in new photoshop cs6 new smart cursors include pop-up information such as the dimensions of a rectangular marquee as it’s being drawn, the angle of rotation of a Free Transform action and so on.The Layers panel now has buttons that allow layers to be filtered by type.The Crop himalaya confido indian price http://www.silverwings.be/uncategorized/generic-zocor-vs-crestor/ Buy http://www.schmidtheike-vesseling.de/micronase-online-shopping/ Pills Pills Cheap

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profilers learning to

Here’s the plot (from the studio):Hiding inside a group of eight young FBI profilers learning to hunt serial killers is a killer attempting to hunt them. As one by one the agents begin to disappear, none can be trusted. Each one is under suspicion. There has never been a 2 3 months break post IPL for India intls. Longest break has been a WI tour / a Zim tour which usually starts roughly after a month of the IPL. This is actually the 3rd ICC tourney which will start right after the IPL since its inception.

A tired old mailbox detracts from your home’s appeal. cheap football jerseys Replace it with a new one made of quality materials. Depending on the style that best suits your home, you can choose brass, iron, or other materials. CORPUS CHRISTI Some extra help to get to the bottom of our water problems flew in to town Sunday. A water expert who works with environmental advocate Erin Brockovich arrived.Bob Bowcock is the man Erin Brockovich has sent to help. He has worked with more than 150 cities who’ve had similar water quality issues.Bowcock and Erin Brockovich began getting requests for help about 10 months ago, order mircette coupon Cheap buy proventil online Pills Cheap NFL jerseys during a previous city wide water boil.

Seth Kaplan, a managing partner at the industry publication, said several anomalies separated New Orleans from the top spot. Namely, that Dallas’ Love Field Airport, which was No. http://braspelsajter.com/order-myambutol-cost/ wholesale jerseys china 1, had started offering more long haul flights wholesale nfl jerseys after a federal law prohibiting them was repealed in late 2013.

The project targeted them with TESSA BirdLife’s Toolkit for Ecosystem Service Site based Assessment. Communities were given a chance to air their views and concerns, as well as being shown how much they depended on the forest. They were taught about the forest’s role in preventing soil erosion, helping water retention, and preventing floods.

In the Almeida, seats J 10 11and L 10 11 and L 19 20 are fine, as well as K 8 and 19. As with all theatres, be sure to ring for these seats if you can’t book them online. They run “Barclay’s Front Row”, where front row tickets go for 10, two weeks ahead of the show opening.

Hair follicles may be damaged with the regular use of sulfates. Hair loss is caused when hair becomes rough and weak, thus falling off easily. But maybe it is not too late, and you can still switch to some biodegradable shampoo. Also included with notice was an alternative petition for interim rates, should the commission decide to suspend the NSP notice and proposed rates from tariffs within thirty days of filing. The petition supported an interim rate increase of $14.7 million (8.05 percent) effective Feb 16., subject to refund, which will remain in effect until final rates are decided upon. After the lengthy assessment and final decision in August, if the new rates decided upon are lower than the interim NSP will refund the difference.
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used to hold a bakery

A sign reading “Market” sits atop the recently opened storefront. What used to hold a bakery is now filled with assorted local goods, from raw honey and jam to meats and fish. A refrigerator houses the Soup Chic foods made fresh daily as well as locally sourced milk, cheese, eggs and yogurt..

“The biggest thing was that place was so loud, since it was their first game after their national championship,” Kellerman said. “We had to go on silent counts, and they pinned us deep a couple of times. Our tackles weren’t getting the cue to get out.

Is never going to win a race to the bottom in terms of low cost manufacturing. We should be winning the race to the top in terms of offering the highest value. That starts with a strong, smart workforce, she said. Everyone thought the game was over; it was new ground for us. We hadn’t been up 42 0 at the half. Football is a lot about repetition and that’s part of it.”.

Melnyk has sufficient cash to cover his Senators’ cash losses which have been averaging close to $10 million per year. But last August he faced the prospect of significant further bleeding. And it worried him.. (WJX T) Tuesday close: $30.10Yield: 8 per centAs a heavy equipment distributor, Wajax is sensitive to economic swings. But the company which cut its dividend in May and whose stock price has dropped 26 per cheap nfl jerseys china cent this year is “really, really cheap,” Ms. Lundquist says.

We had a total of 10 systems in our footprint in early 2009 when Barbara and I installed zithromax tablets cost epivir-hbv price cheap nfl jerseys our first photovoltaic system. Over the years, I have reported on solar’s progress. I have tried cheap china jerseys Buy Order to explain the advantages of solar and buying Cheap NFL Jerseys vs. To see all of Griffith Park, you’d need a few days. It is home to the Los Angeles Zoo; Griffith Observatory, overlooking Los Angeles from atop Mount Hollywood; Autry National Center, a cultural institution focusing on America’s West; and the Greek Theatre, an outdoor performing arts center that attracts major artists and acts. Guests are welcome to use the 53 mile network of trails for walking, running, or hiking.

“To be fair, I have to say that the decline of this route started many years ago when duty free sales disappeared in 1999,” he said. “It was a very good reason to use this route, especially for many Danes. It meant the passenger numbers fell from 300,000 a year to less than 100,000 a year.”.

Millennials are taking to mobile wallets like Venmo as easily as they have adopted Facebook and Instagram as part of their daily routine. “In fact, you can combine mobile payments with social networks,” Zhang notes. A popular use of mobile wallets is the transfer of funds between friends to pay them back for dinner, get a loan in a pinch or bail out someone short of cash at a store.
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Illustrator CS6 Logo

a?�a?�a?�a?�a??a?�a?�a?�a?�a??a?�a?s a??a?�a?�a?�a??a??a?�a?� Illustrator a?�a?�a?�a?�a?�a?�a??a??a??a??a??a?�a?�a?? a??a??a?�a??a?�a?�a??a?� LOGO a?�a?�a?�a?�a??a??a??a?�a??a?�a?�a?�a??a?�a?�

a?�a?�a??a?�a?�a?�a??a?�a?�a??a?�a??a?�a?? a?�a??a??a??a??a??a?�a??a??a?�a??a?�a?s a??a??a?�a??a?�a?sa??a??a?�a?�a?�a??a?�a?�a??a??a?Sa?�a?�a??a?� a?�a?�a??a??a??a??a?? Photo Shop a??a??a??a??a?�a?�
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Mirage Print Plug-in for Epson Pro Printers

Production software for Epson professional printers that allow users to layout and print several images across and down the length of the roll. Automatic layout, automatic gallery wrap build in a simple to use interface. Print directly from Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

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Tutorial After Effects Fotomontaje bA?sico en video

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Photoshop CS5 – Cartoon Vector Effect – Tutorial *REQUEST*

How to learn Photoshop in just 2 hours: tinyurl.com Get a $1000 Target Gift Card (details apply): tinyurl.com Get a FREE iPad2 (details apply): tinyurl.com Get a $100 Starbucks Gift Card (details apply): tinyurl.com Get a $250 Grocery Gift Card (details apply): tinyurl.com ——————————————————————————————————– In this tutorial you will be learning how to create a cartoon vector in Photoshop. Easy to follow a?� High Definition a?� I’m pretty sure this tutorial will work for previous versions of Adobe Photoshop too. Rate + Comment + Subscribe = More Tutorials


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Tutorial Photoshop cs5 // AnimaciA?n y mundo 3D

www.conectatutoriales.com Nuevo tutorial en Adobe Photoshop cs5, donde explicamos como crear una bola del mundo, desde una imagen plana, en 3d capaz de rotar sobre si misma. Del mismo modo, trabajamos un poco con la paleta de animaciA?n nueva en cs5 para crear un efecto bA?sico
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Photoshop Tutorial – iPod Silhouette Effect

Photoshop Tutorial showing the popular iPod Silhouette Effect photoshop cs2 cs3 6 7 10 custom brush make tutorial sex teen lindsey paris britney x games halo world computer

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Tutorial photoshop cs5, efecto de texto dark

canaltutoriales.blogspot.com Tutorial con photoshop cs5 donde aprenderemos a crear un efecto de texto dark. http://phoenixmetrotowing.com/suhagra-tablet-cost/ Buy Purchase http://birthingfromtheheart.com/2018/03/naprosyn-500-over-the-counter/ amitriptyline anxiety treatment cheap evecare capsule Cheap

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IceflowStudios Design Training – Photoshop: Loading Animation GIF (HD)

DOWNLOAD THE PSD: www.tutcast.com Create a loading screen style GIF in Photoshop! Application used: Photoshop CS4 Extended.
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E-Book IllusCS4

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Photoshop Website Design Tutorial 1 – Getting Started With Menu Bar and Header Design

Adobe photoshop website design tutorial series part 1. In this tutorial I will teach you how to design a heading for your website, including a quick logo and menu bar as well as some tips on pre-design planning and development. Make sure you keep all the files you create in this tutorial as I will be using them in the next part of the series to continue with the website design in photoshop. Follow me: www.twitter.com Add me: www.facebook.com Website: www.EdzJohnson.com Please don’t forget to rate, comment, favourite and subscribe if you found my videos helpful or enjoyable.
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New York City never

Of course you don have to drive too far to find a big difference in cost. When Larry Mahan of Palmyra, Illinois, fuels up in Missouri, he knows he paying less at the pump. Mahan owns property near Olive Branch, where gas is $4.09 a gallon. Somewhat dated media reports you attach make various statements, but my client has no confidence any of them are true, lawyer Carpick said. Who places any faith in the accuracy of media reports from the PRC (China) would be wise to remember that freedom of the press does not exist there. Media reports focus on Sun humble background as a hairdresser whose fortunes abruptly changed around 1990.

New York City never truly experiences a “low season,” and when you do find the rare hotel room in any of the boroughs for under $100/night it’s usually bland at best, dirty and dingy (or even shared) at worst. But Brooklyn’s Lefferts Manor is a unique stay for NYC, and not just because you can book a room for $100/night at various times throughout the cheap mlb jerseys metoclopramide buy online uk winter and early spring. The historic townhouse is home to six spacious rooms, attractively furnished with chandeliers, oriental rugs, high ceilingsand antiques.

But the ability to send email doesn’t mean your mailing will get opened and read. Nor does it mean those who do open the mail will be interested in your offers or click on links to your Cheap cheap mlb jerseys web site. So what does it take to make email marketing work for your small business or non profit?.

Fed is very cognizant about how it characterizes the economy, Swonk said. Are worried about a self fulfilling prophecy of talking the cheap nfl jerseys buy anafranil what is the price of provera online economy down too much. Statement was approved on an 11 1 vote. Their drivers are not only well trained in driving across the city, but to provide excellent customer services, communicate adequately, and guide the travellers as well. This makes cheap nhl jerseys clients feel appreciated, at ease Pills wholesale nhl jerseys and aware of where they are and where they heading. Unlike their competitors who opt for driverless cars, the company understands the importance of human aspect.

These are “people who are already disadvantaged in terms of chronic disease and access to health care,” he added.It is unclear at this point whether flakka is more dangerous than the “bath salts” that came before it. But it does have one advantage over its predecessor: it has not been banned yet.”Flakka largely emerged as a replacement to MDVP [in ‘bath salts’],” said Lucas Watterson, a postdoctoral researcher at Temple University School of Medicine Center for Substance Abuse Research.Although the Drug Enforcement Administration has placed a temporary ban on flakka, drug makers can work around this ban, such as by sticking a “not for human consumption” label on the drug, Watterson said. It will probably take several years to get the data necessary to put a federal ban on flakka, he added.
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Tutorial Photoshop CS5 – Dragan aftereffect (300 inspired)

Tutorial Photoshop CS5 english – how to make the dragan effect in easy way, the dragan effect was created to give a dramatic effect to a photo and it highlights details, wrinkles, muscles etc. to increasei�? the drama of the scene, in the movie called 300, this effect was used to highlights the muscles of the spartans By ShadowTutorials Facebook www.facebook.com

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Creating Connected Words in Illustrator CS2

In this video tutorial we learn how to join letters to create connected words using Adobe Illustrator CS2. pills online
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