Not to mention returning to TV and radio shows where an atmosphere thickwith vaudeville and blokey humour overlays that analysis

The ferociouscompetitor, the funny and generous work colleague, the occasionallymoody work colleague who once in a while would snap when pushed ontopics I would never have picked as sensitive.This is not a deliberate attempt to eulogise him nor to analyseGarry’s professional life in the past tense. Clearly he is far fromperfect but I first worked with him on a semi regular basis in 1994and knowing his resilience, although clearly at an all time low rightnow,
cheap football jerseys I cannot imagine any scenario that would see this be the finishof his media career.I refuse to believe the host who stopped the football community withhis Footy Show eulogy to Jim Stynes and looking back on that eulogyis quite telling in this current context will not return.It is a twist of circumstance that his Melbourne Football Club, wellbefore the scandal broke, nominated Garry for the first time as their priority for the Australian Football Hall Of Fame when considerationsfor the 2016 inductees begin.Certainly it has been said several times that it will be tough for himto come back from such a scandal. And I am sure he is pondering justhow he can return to programs which place such harsh scrutiny on theactions of others and which question the leadership of players,coaches and administrators.Not to mention returning to TV and radio shows where an atmosphere thickwith vaudeville and blokey humour overlays that analysis.

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