The process of writing an essay

After all the information about the object already mastered, you need to devote time to reflect on the problem. Good to use your own life experience, to recall personal experiences, it is essential to lay down your opinion on a specific topic. It is desirable to minimize the use of usual stamps, not bearing the semantic load of sentences. When considering an essay, we must remember – in the process of writing will need reasoning, examples, analogies. The text must convince the reader, to arouse his keen interest. At this stage, make a plan of the essay. The necessary consistency and coherence of the structure, harmoniously making sense of the work. It is desirable to determine the approximate the size and number of paragraphs, parts of the text, come up with subheadings. It is better to start with the main; it will be easier to write the text: identify 2-3 main ideas. Introduction, need transitions and ligaments, and you can quickly add later, but the most challenging thing is often the beginning of the creation of the text. When writing the central part, it is essential to Express thoughts, not to forget the means of expression. You will need facts and evidence, vivid descriptions. OK to use the methods of attracting the reader’s attention: a sudden transition, humor, quote, rhetorical question, unusual idea or fact. In conclusion, conclude, argue a position, give a real result of the analysis.It is easier to go to the site and buy an essay at a reasonable price, on the site, buy the best essays online cheap and don’t read it all and do your thing. It was after writing the main and concluding parts; it is recommended to start processing the entry. Before you read the text to refresh your memory all the necessary positions, in the same style and direction to fulfill the introductory part. It is designed to attract the reader and arouse his desire to continue the acquaintance with essays. The entry should conform to the text as a whole to be intimately associated with him. At the final stage, it is necessary to carefully check all text for errors, to identify the semantic and structural defects and inconsistencies, eliminate them. You need to reread the essay and try to evaluate it from the perspective of the reader: I wonder if it is the desire to think, to engage in dialogue. An excellent way to give the product some time to “lie down,” to return to it in a few hours or days. If you allow deadlines, the method is better to use – it can be beneficial. So the text is perceived more objectively, even though it checks the author himself. Careful adherence to all the requirements of the construction works will help to write an essay and text to captivate readers.