Is there a cocktail fanatic on your gift list?

This is the book for her or him. Parsons admittedly geeks out on the subject of bitters, defined as aromatic flavoring agent made from infusing roots, barks, fruit peels, seeds, spices, herbs, flowers and botanicals in high proof alcohol (or sometimes glycerin). Originally touted for medicinal purposes and drank on their own, bitters eventually were added to cocktails to blend flavors and add depth.

“When I regained consciousness, I was on my back in a pool of blood trying to assess the damage from the gunshot wound in my cheek. Was this a case of small entry, big exit, as often happens with bullets? Was the back of my head missing? I heard a voice saying, Don worry, you be all right, you be all right, and when I opened my eyes I saw an old Hispanic man looking down at me like Carlos Castanedas Don Juan. My backup was nowhere in sight.

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In the event that a large number of ordinary people and celebrities join this campaign, the dream to stop all military actions on the planet will be realized. This will serve as an occasion to announce the call for volunteers in the army of peace It will consist of unarmed who are ready at any time, to go to the hot spot to the hostilities with the fact of their presence and to encourage the warring parties to engage in dialogue. Ideally, this army should consist of a world famous and beloved celebrities from all spheres of human activities..

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